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The association FORMETHIC was created in February 2015 during the annual gathering on Social & Solidarity Economy in Toulouse. Several actors evolving in education for adults and vocational training decided to tackle the topic of Responsible Training. Today, FORMETHIC counts 70 members, including vocational training centres, salaried or independent trainers and job seekers. The governance is ensured by a board of 11 directors, regularly consulting with other members of the association through questionnaires and surveys before making any important decisions.

FORMETHIC’s activities aim at disseminating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics in Education. Working with trainers of any sector on pedagogy and ethics would improve quality of learning, impacting indirectly final learners. This is translated internally in resource and best practice sharing, think tank sessions, mutual training and collaboration in projects. Active members of FORMETHIC build benchmarks on best practices in vocational training. FORMETHIC is working on pedagogic innovation with its INNOVATION Committee. Its members follow trends on e-learning or face-to-face courses, co-construction of knowledge, collaboration, design thinking, learning through play and courses codesign.


Muriel Merienne | formethic.europe@gmail.com
FR, 7 Rue Hermès, 31520, Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Toulouse

Epimorfotiki Kilkis

Lifelong Learning Centre level 2 (LLC) “Epimorfotiki Kilkis single member llc” (Epimorfotiki) was founded in 1995 and specializes on modern Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning (LLL), as well as in advanced Consultative & Supportive Services, including active involvement in EU programmes and Initiatives. The LLC aims at continually promoting sustainable development of Kilkis Province, the business activity and the development of local human resources.

The LLC employs 11 highly educated persons (4 men and 7 women) with long experience and profound knowledge in the field of Vocational Training, LLL and Consultancy and EU programmes and Initiatives. In addition to the permanent staff, Epimorfotiki has also developed a wide network of collaborators, which includes a Quality Consultant, VET trainers, Counsels of Vocational Orientation and Human Resources, Counsels of Continuous Local Development, ICT, etc.


Nicolas Georgiadis | nicolas@epimorfotiki.gr
GR, Doiranis 56, 61100, Kilkis

Rousse Industrial Association

Rousse Industrial Association is a regional representative of Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA). BIA is a nationally recognized organization of employers and participates with its representatives in the operation of all national consultative councils, supervisory and managing bodies of state public institutions.

BIA is the only business organization in Bulgaria which is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, a confederate-like European business organization, thus representing the Bulgarian companies and employers’ interests on a European level. Furthermore, it actively participates in the work of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the South East European Employers’ Forum (SEEEF). BIA is also among the founders of the Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation of Enterprises (UBCCE). 


Galena Robeva | galena.robeva@ragina.net
BG, 35 Tsarkovna nezavisimost, 7000, Ruse

Mobilizing Expertise

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Mobilizing Expertise (MExpert)  is a small medium enterprise based in Sweden. MExpert has several training packages which have been created through international projects. These trainings are combining online courses, study visits and pragmatic knowledge. MExpert are creating non-formal, alternative and easy to use educational tools for youth workers, educators, volunteers and staff.

MExpert recognise the value within volunteers in several NGOs and social enterprises. MExpert is taking the volunteers to the next level; to be an expert in the area they are volunteering by involving them in the strategic partnership projects. MExpert helps people to bring their ideas into the reality through project management tools and process. MExpert promotes entrepreneurial values; “think out of the box”. MExpert helps entrepreneurs to develop their business and how their business can be an added value for society through corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Charlotte Elisha Meletli | charlotte@mexpert.se
SE, Ideon Science Park Beta 5 Scheelevägen 17, 22370, Lund

Complexul Muzeal Național „Moldova” Iași

”Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iași unites in the same organizational structure four museums of national importance (the Art Museum, Moldavia’s History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldavia and “Ștefan Procopiu” Science and Technique Museum), three of which also coordinate the activity of 5 satellite museums within the city and the county of Iași.

The organization is experienced in implementing educational and cultural projects aimed at disseminating knowledge on cultural themes and in raising awareness as for the importance of intercultural understanding and transmission of cultural history, promoting social inclusion and non-discriminatory behaviour. Apart from the identification, collection, restoration-conservation, storage and display of cultural heritage, ”Moldova” National Museum Complex has developed and implemented cultural education programs meant to raise and increase awareness of the public as for their relation to the past, to their land and to other lands, of conceptualizing the place and importance of the individual into a globalizing world and particularly of understanding and assuming the tight relation between past and present so to better assure the transmission of the heritage, as expression of the past, to the generations to come, that is to the future.


Coralia Costaș | coralia.costas@palatulculturii.ro
RO, Piața Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Nr. 1, 700028, Iași

Fundacja Arena i Świat

Arena and the World Foundation was created to stimulate the development of the society trough three dimensions of education: personal, local and global. The foundation’s activities are based on international exchange of experiences and on finding the best solutions for the balanced development of the human, the society and the planet.

“Better man – better society – better world” is a slogan that represents the fundamental idea of the Arena and the World Foundation. By all means we believe that a human being living in harmony with themselves, with other people and with the surrounding nature is a conscious and responsible participant of the social life. Such a person has the strength to build a better world. It’s our foundation’s aim to help to develop a better man who can live healthier developing himself and his surrounding environment.


Marta Grześko-Nyczka | marta.grzesko@gmail.com
PL, Ul. Jasna 7b, 64-100, Leszno

Euphoria Net

Euphoria Net Srl is an Italian company specialized in 3 main fields:

1) Project management: we follow all the aspects related to EU projects, from planning and writing projects, implementing them, following the dissemination activities and the reporting, including also working on different outputs according to the projects’ needs. In particular, we have a specific focus on the educational world, and our collaborators are specialized in project management, financial management, communication, pedagogy and new methodologies for education, innovation and instructional design.

2) Training courses: we organize training courses especially for schools of any grade, Universities and associations on the following topics: project management, digital competencies, entrepreneurship, boosting STEM at school, EU citizenship, personalized learning and innovative teaching/learning methodologies.

3) Organization of events and communication strategies: we organize dissemination strategies within projects, including the set-up of project branding, communication, mapping stakeholders, organizing and coordinating events all over Europe, creating contents for events and social media campaigns. We also develop graphic works in order to provide a full visual identity service within events.


Cristina Ceccarelli | c.ceccarelli@euphorianet.it
IT, Via Pietro Marchisio 131, 00173, Rome


DIAS VET, is an educational and counseling organization accredited by the Greek National Organisation –EOPPEP. It was founded in 2009 in Greece, and has 3 fully operational offices in the cities of Trikala, Karditsa and Volos. It has 11 full-time staff and 50 part-time trainers / experts.

Our organization is aiming to substantially contribute towards ensuring equal access to knowledge for all parts of society (especially underprivileged young people), to promote sustainability, healthy behavior and to shape a better future for humans. One of our main objectives is to promote youth entrepreneurship and personal initiative, as we believe this to be the main way to enable people and help them overcome the challenge of rising unemployment.


Rita Chatzinikoli | rita.hatz@gmail.com
GR, A. Diakou 25, 42100, Trikala

Manteifels projekti

Manteifels was created as an advisory company in 2011, to provide support services to educational institutions. It helps educational institutions to develop and implement ESF projects and to improve the educational system. Provides maintenance services to educational institutions, to assist in developing educational content. Offers professional development trainings to educators.

The main focus is to provide simplified access to education and support for adult and youth with a focus on ensuring the availability of educational and up-to-date learning materials, tools and methods, as well as organization of seminars and training as well as hosting of foreign participants of various types of mobilities.

Manteifels cooperates with employers in performing practical training, organizing qualification training, creating commissions of qualification examinations and coordinating the educational content according to the occupational standards and trends in the labour market. 


Linda Sirmā | info@manteifels.lv
LV, Babītes pag., Babītes nov., 2107, Trenči